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  1. Watchdwag

    How many men allow their wives to participate in black only swinger club?

    My wife and I recently began exploring a cuckold lifestyle. While we had swapped partners with a couple of white couples, Tracey has never had sex with another woman or a black male. About three weeks ago, she was introduced to a nice looking black man named Gerry and they have had sex a...
  2. Watchdwag

    Strapon sex - How many guys enjoy having their wives fuck them with a black cock?

    A few weeks ago, my wife Tracey and I took a big step and she had her first interracial encounter. I won't go into detail because I have posted it elsewhere on this site but we had another session with Gerry last night that was even hotter than the first time if that was possible. I was much...
  3. Watchdwag

    Sister in Law Gets Blacked

    In a span of just two years, my life and that of my wife Ann, has taken a dramatic turn. While neither of us could be painted conservatives, our sex life was not very daring. We were a married couple who were shocked when we found out that a couple close to us had split up after the wife caught...
  4. Watchdwag


    Recently my wife found out about a relationship I had just out of college with a girl I had been dating for a couple of years. We moved in together and lived in an apartment when a young black man moved in a couple of doors down. He and I began hanging out playing ball, having drinks and...