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  1. Oxon Blk bull

    South east London

    Herne Hill :-) where are you?
  2. Oxon Blk bull

    South east London

    I visit S E London regularly ;-)
  3. Oxon Blk bull

    Comment by 'Oxon Blk bull' in media 'she loves bbc'

    BBC loves you! Are you still a BBC virgin?
  4. Oxon Blk bull

    New on this site, for your pleasure

    When is the last time you got blacked?
  5. Oxon Blk bull

    Comment by 'Oxon Blk bull' in media 'little closeup'

    Mmmm...I would lick you from behind.xx
  6. Oxon Blk bull

    Comment by 'Oxon Blk bull' in media 'Waiting to be taken'

    Very sexy, I need to taste your sweet juices and then penetrate your
  7. Oxon Blk bull

    New young couple looking for UK east midlands bars/clubs to visit for BBC fun?

    I have been there 3 times and it is a little bit hit and miss. If you like to dance then I would suggest that to go to the bmfc in Dunstable. Radlett is a lovely house with a pool but as I love dancing with white women to get us both horny then Dunstable is the one. If you find another spot let...
  8. Oxon Blk bull

    Introducing my wife

    She is gorgeous!
  9. Oxon Blk bull

    Want commens of my Chinese black panty wife

    Very sexy, does she enjoy black cock?
  10. Oxon Blk bull

    COME ON UK !

    Oxfordshire, Bicester and frequently in London.
  11. Oxon Blk bull

    Question for the bulls who enjoy cuckold couples

    The idea of satisfying the hot wife in a way that her husband can't and at the same time being part of their fantasy is a huge turn on.
  12. Oxon Blk bull

    Young Hotwife 30, ready to have fun

    Thanks gorgeous.x
  13. Oxon Blk bull

    Faces of Deep Penetration

    These pictures are so damm Hott... Every one of them;)
  14. Oxon Blk bull

    "blowjobs" or "skull-fucks" ?

  15. Oxon Blk bull

    White ladies: Legs up in the air ?

    The best!!
  16. Oxon Blk bull

    Comment by 'Oxon Blk bull' in media 'I want black cock so bad....'

    Did you get any black cock?
  17. Oxon Blk bull

    Verified Please verify

    Very sexy Polish beauty. Xx Please visit the
  18. Oxon Blk bull

    Interracial Kissing

    I can't get enough of kissing a horny White Woman.....They love our thick Black lips :-) If you're in the UK, i would love to passionately kiss your wife.