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    any suggestions to help improve breast size? without surgery of course.
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    Please Fuck My Wife.("A fantasy of a Sissy Husband watching his wife properly satisfied.")

    my wife doesn't like my sissy life. but she accepts that she no longer has a man. so she'll me cum like a girl and enjoys my smooth shaved body now, but I know she needs a man in her life. She won't look for one as we lead busy lives, but she's amused with my sissiness.
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    I enjoy my hands on the bulls balls and cock as he cums inside my partner

    that would be amazing. I have wished to have this balls in my mouth so I can feel that pumping while he's finishing inside. but hasn't happened yet
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    Point of no return to being straight

    I've recently been bred for the first time. and I put back my panties on and felt his cum run out of me a little bit at a time throughout the day. At the end of the day, I had stained panties, and my hole felt great. I think at that point, I felt I couldn't return and I felt more gay than bi or...
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    Florida people

    we're in miami. hit us up maybe this weekend.
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    Prepping a cucks ass

    on this chat, I've learned of having a liquid diet a couple of days before any action. it's really helped me keep things doodoo free lol. today will be an exception because of Thanksgiving, so im trying to clean out now. hopefully I do get lucky tonight.
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    Any cock sucking cucks here

    That's hot. lucky culk
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    I'm falling for my girls bull....

    I think you have a great thropple in the making. start dating and see if maybe he'll move in to service both of you. sounds like a fun experience. enjoy it
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    Point of no return to being straight

    let me know what you find. I did a brief search and there is very little found. maybe we're not searching correctly.
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    BBC changed my life

    I've sucked a few off and I crave more, but hard to find in my circle. My wife has had one recently on her own, but she needs to be in the mood to get into anything these days with stress and all. She even hasn't seen her regular b/f in 2-3 weeks. She needs a good D down . I can tell in her mood...
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    What Would You Say?

    I would be very grateful
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    What makes a cuck cum best?

    this makes me cum really quick too. it's amazing to watch
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    Are you an anal addict ?

    I guess my addiction started when I was a kid, when I would stick the end of my tooth brush in the tub. it'd take the longest showers because I learned to play with my little dicky toy. after a while, I moved up and started putting the handle of the back scrubber with soap as lube. Later on when...
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    GF and I got double teamed

    Awesome. that's a hell of a night congrats. we went to a lifestyle party, and dressed in a slutty nurse outfit, but only my wife got action. I was made to watch.
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    Prepping a cucks ass

    I think that's important. keeping it stretched. when I use the plug daily , at least in the shower, it helps in keeping it open for when the time comes.
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    No Nut November for culkholds and sissy

    it's ok. Saturday I was home alone and I raped myself with the entire collection of dildo's. I had many anal orgasms, but didn't cum oddly. I guess I need more time without releasing or I just need someone else to do the drilling for me. still had fun. was sore all day yesterday.
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    Clean BBC for latin couple in Miami

    ok, are you bi? if not she won't want to play.
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    Florida Thread!!!!!

    if you need a blow job, let me know, I'll drive over today
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    No Nut November for culkholds and sissy

    unfortunately nothing happened. my wife wasn't feeling well, and we left early . I'm in so much need of penetration right now..