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    PHX Arizona MWC...

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    Hi.....This is Kristie and Jay in far east valley

    Hi.....This is Kristie and Jay in far east valley
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  4. ajcpl4sin

    State your state

    Phoenix AZ
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    White ladies: hair pulling during doggy ?

    hair pullin, ass slappin and pounded idea of a perfect time
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    Do most white women prefer to submit to their Black Bulls?

    I guess I need a Dominant type.......hubby teases me with offering to get me a hung Black guy. Then he always backs out when we get ready to meet the one I pick out. I'm at the point where I'm gonna set it up and make him watch...let the bull kick his ass if he trys to stop it.......kinda of a...
  7. ajcpl4sin still there? still there?
  8. ajcpl4sin

    PHX Arizona MWC...

    That's the problem....don't know
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    BBC in Phoenix Az

    He would just watch...maybe cleanup
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    BBC in Phoenix Az

    Hi.Far east valley you like cpls too?
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    PHX Arizona MWC...

    Hmmmm...........nobody in AZ?
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    PHX Arizona MWC...

    Hi.......MWC in the east valley looking for Dom or assertive BBC to trin this sub cpl. 54,50 attractive and looking.......
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    Newbie MWC cpl in PHX

    Hi...My wife fantasizes with the thought of being blacked. Any suggestions on where in PHX metro wwe could go to hook her up? Thank
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    White cpl in PHX,AZ

    MWC wanting to be introduced to the lifestyle..........