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  1. SexyAmandaxxx

    Older black men with Young white Girls? Cool?

    Its all good. Back in middle school, the field maintenance man who was black liked talkin with me and my girls and got us hooked up for parties. Nice guy, never felt threatened, or thought he was a perv or somethin.
  2. SexyAmandaxxx

    Are white women interested in older black men?

    I prefer older black men, less drama. Just like to chill, and as far as that "fast" nut, I like to work at it.
  3. SexyAmandaxxx

    Should white women recruit other white women?

    what you want to know
  4. SexyAmandaxxx

    Should white women recruit other white women?

    Most definately. I bring girls i meet at the mall to parties all the time.
  5. SexyAmandaxxx

    Raceway what girl that need a black cock

    I have to get me one of those suits!
  6. SexyAmandaxxx

    very pretty

    very pretty
  7. SexyAmandaxxx

    I Love Redheads

    wow she's got the boobs
  8. SexyAmandaxxx

    I Love Redheads

    they have to be phat assed?
  9. SexyAmandaxxx

    Advice for taking a big one

    lay on your side up with your back up against him, let him snake it in
  10. SexyAmandaxxx

    skin contrast

    i have to say, the blacker the better
  11. SexyAmandaxxx

    Thanks for the follow, what a body!

    Thanks for the follow, what a body!
  12. SexyAmandaxxx

    Thank you for the follow!

    Thank you for the follow!
  13. SexyAmandaxxx

    Best destinations to find BBC

    What about Jamaica and Barbados?
  14. SexyAmandaxxx

    Thanks for the follow!

    Thanks for the follow!
  15. SexyAmandaxxx

    Best city for finding white females into BBC?

    Oakland and LA....yum
  16. SexyAmandaxxx

    hi hun, how you been?

    hi hun, how you been?
  17. SexyAmandaxxx

    Do white women prefer cut or uncut?

    either way, just keep clean
  18. SexyAmandaxxx

    Ladies, do you wear panties under your skirts ALL of the time???

    ahh yeah I wear panties most every time I'm in a skirt unless im meeting up with someone
  19. SexyAmandaxxx

    I Love Redheads

    luv being a redhead, I shave my pussy but some guy said up in this thread to leave the bush....most guys don't line that though