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  1. IanBeth

    NY honeymoon

    Hi just putting this out there so its in the public domain. Beth and I marry on the 21st July 2012 and then going to NY for our honeymoon. We arrive on the evening of the 22nd. The purpose of choosing America as our destination is the glut of BBC over there. We have been cuckold almost sinse the...
  2. IanBeth


    Hi, we marry on the 21st July 2012 and our plan is to honeymoon in the US. We will be with you late afternoon on the 22nd. This site has sealed our choice of holiday destination and we will be coming with the main aim of having BBC consummate our marriage for us. From what we have seen and read...
  3. IanBeth

    Brighton UK bbc virgin

    Joined the site to lose bbc virginity, relatively new to cuckold but have some experience and want to further slut education by serving it up to BBC.
  4. IanBeth

    BBC Virgin

    Hi, are relatively new to cuckold, have been researching/exploring the scene for a while but only just started meeting. We are both 20yo and getting married in July 2012, have decided that cuckold suits us and plan to make it part of our future together. At present Beth is a BBC virgin and have...