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  1. LilBiFag

    White cocks show off your tiny dicks

    Awesome white boy underwear
  2. LilBiFag

    First meet/date with Bull

    When I first met my wife she made me wait 3 months while she fucked other guys in front of me
  3. LilBiFag

    How Small Are You?

    Fully excited
  4. LilBiFag

    Cuck Couples, Has family or friends found out?

    My stepdaughter knew from her late teens she lived in the basement and stayed down when friends were over. Her best friend who has sex with her and my best friend who has sex with both of us. He's been my top for a long time. Our neighbors a lesbian couple knows all about us they visit a lot.
  5. LilBiFag

    First time with 2 bbc

    My wife and I love more than one guy sometimes I take care of the other guy they totally control the house when there here even ordering pay per view porn I have to pay for and I have to make sure they have beer
  6. LilBiFag

    Orgasm denial

    Does she orgasm a lot Tina does at least everyday either from my mouth or her bulls or her toys. She's told me to leave her alone to masturbate
  7. LilBiFag

    Orgasm denial

    I've always had premature ejaculation my whole life I'm a 30 second boy at my best. My little penis is totally impotent for the last 3 years I have very low testosterone
  8. LilBiFag

    Orgasm denial

    I'm only allowed to cum with my wife's permission.its been over 3 weeks since I came it's all I think about. My let's me edge most days she let me hump her while she was dressed and I was wearing panties the last time I came. Any other cucks out the only cum when allowed.
  9. LilBiFag

    Things Black Bulls Like

    OMG you sound like my wife's bull he likes showing up after going out with his friends. He will show up after we go to bed and send me out to buy him beer, when I come home I open one for him while my wife has been sucking his big black cock
  10. LilBiFag

    black boss/ co worker

    My wife has slept with her female black boss. She comes over to our house and is extremely dominant with my wife. She's even slapped my wife for talking sas to her it's so hot
  11. LilBiFag

    cuckold size

    I can rub it like a clit and I do cum just a tiny bit oozes out
  12. LilBiFag

    cuckold size

    Totally impotent baby white dick I'm almost 3 inches if I get excited
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    cuckold size

  14. LilBiFag

    cuckold size

    This is big and hard as I get
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    I've driven my wife and her bull to dinner wearing a skirt and panties I stayed in the car while they ate. They brought me a doggy bag with their leftovers.
  16. LilBiFag

    Hairy Snatch

    I admit I'm a tiny dick impotent fag
  17. LilBiFag

    Hairy Snatch

    I like hairy guys and girls
  18. LilBiFag

    Cucks - What position do you like watching the best?

    I love seeing her missionary kissing him looking in his eyes also doggy style. Ive never fucked anyone doggy style.
  19. LilBiFag

    Hairy Snatch

    I love it when a black guy controls a white couple even if it's something the couple doesn't like. My wife's not allowed to shave her armpits and it's all about his control over her body she wants to shave but she loves his control
  20. LilBiFag


    Breakfast of course when he spends the night and I iron all his clothes