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Lol! Its been a longgg minute since i dropped in! i see its the same old same old!! Hiding behind pictureses and walls pretending . Mar 31, 2015

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Nov 5, 2016
    1. Billz
      Hi guys love chat with a BBC ( I'm male) but love idea of wife being fucked and blacked mmm
    2. Marie N
      Marie N
      Wow that's something, i'm looking for a Black Master for real !!! If He shows up at my door and binds me up, kidnaps me to where ever, cockwhip me into submission, make me His total slave, owned!!!
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    3. expatdad
      In Africa there is a saying that 'a brothel is a broken in white family' and it is not uncommon to see whole families put to black cock there! :)
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    4. Marie N
      Marie N
      Master, i do willingly wish to be owned by a Black Master for there is my nature. i have felt the power of a Black Master once before and i felt raw energy course thru my veins, an excitement that pure danger cannot match for intensity. i wish to feel that again, i want to feel that hot pang of ecstasy that comes from Master's touch, overwhelming satisfaction in pleasing my Master
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    5. supergb82
      Hi, nice BBC in the avatar, is it you ?
    6. The-Candy-Man
      Lol! Its been a longgg minute since i dropped in! i see its the same old same old!! Hiding behind pictureses and walls pretending .
    7. SizeCuriousWife
      My wife is still fantasising about a hung black bf but the UK seems to be devoid of black stallions with huge cocks
    8. Annslut1961
    9. anjali9
      Its too big
    10. The-Candy-Man
      As Long as you Are Female! Cuckold Wives Can Be In the Mix Too!
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    11. Cindy Picklller
      Cindy Picklller
      yum yum beautiful cock balls and bod baby where u live im in atl
    12. ohiowive
      hi looking for huge cock
    13. sp3c1al
    14. The-Candy-Man
      Lol @u! we can fool some of the prople some of the time but not all the people all the time lol.
    15. canadian
      Kelowna here where are U?
    16. The-Candy-Man
      Lol! Its been a longgg minute since i dropped in! i see its the same old same old!! Some hiding behind pictureses and walls pretending lol.
    17. The-Candy-Man
      behind female pictures and walls there are lots of stories plus i want BBC but none want to-can confirm their identity voice to voice lol!
    18. SizeCuriousWife
      If only sigh !!!!!!!!!!!!
    19. Hotitalianwife
      Hotitalianwife're a dream!!!!
    20. Hotitalianwife
      Very great cock!
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    :)Could it be that you the single woman, or you the discreet semi-conventionasl couple, or cuckold couple are bored and tired of the usual same old repeats and promises made as to how capable those other Black Men or so called Black Bulls are of sexcitingly bringing out the best in you the single woman or the cuckold couple-wifee and is searching for someone and something that is more than just the usual?

    If that is so! A tall 5’11” physically proportion, matured established, open-minded, Sensually and Sexcitingly rare unconventional sweetly rude and unique Black-Man-Bull with Diversed sexual Imagination would like to introduce to you, some sweetly kinky-freaky yet safe and Sexciting moments in order to bring out the best in you, yes you the single female or you the cuckold couple (s) to make you realize that although there is good and best there is BETTER SEXCITINGLY!

    Yes Licking my LIPS like i so love to do none stop before and after the main sexciting course is served is always a MUST! THIS OFFER IS NOT A $ALE$ PITCH...WHAT I AM ABOUT IS MUTUAL SEXCITING CLEAN HYGENIC SEXUAL FUN AND PLEASURE BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS WITHOUS $ COST!

    PS: BCAUSE I AM BIG ON HYGENE! Be sure to mention if your STD test results are up to date! if you are from Canada, visiting Canada, or from any place in the world and you want to dine with me sexcitingly! Then either get and present your STD test, or ask i can provide you with a one stop walk in clinic if you are in or visiting Canada that'll do everything in one shot!