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    1. Dionneukf
      i love your vids
      1. royowens
        Thanks maybe one day that wil be you.
        Mar 10, 2017
      2. Dionneukf
        i keep coming back to your page, is it really you ?
        Mar 10, 2017
    2. royowens
      Looking for a pussy to punish.
      1. tattedupwife
        Eugene here
        Dec 26, 2015
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    The stars in them hazel eyes makes this all worth it.with my dick in her mouth she was camera ready so I press record on my phone as she looks at me so seductive I pull her by her hair and make her call me daddy with my dick down her throat. I pull it out n slap her in the face with all of me then tell her to speak clearly she does it and gags on it again so I throw her on the bed. Lil did I know sucking dick got her pussy wet. Do now I have a mess to clean so I start with her clit n suck it then suck on her lips. She says I'm wet enough I need you in side me so I bring her to the edge of the bed and just let her head hang off as I first slide just the tip in . She then gasp for air as her fingers rip the sheets. With every strike going deeper she get louder and louder.once all if me us engulfed in her I lean down n kiss her neck as I rotate my hips so I don't have to sit up as I kiss her neck . But now I have to add a Lil more pressure so I sit up just a Lil so I can suck on her breast . Getting a better angle to get a Lil rougher . I pull out n she screams put it back daddy. So I do as she ask but not the way she wants see this bed is my domain n I call the shots so she has to learn this now . So I get up n tell her to face the bed. I open my cabinet n pull out toys.she ask what I got n I tell her to turn back around n once she did both hands were handcuffed to the bed. I place her on her knees with her ass up. I spit on her pussy and start with just the tip n ask her if she knows why daddy is up set with her she said no. I explained to her that I call the shots n this is what happens when she thinks she's in charge. So I pull her by her red hair slap her ass as I begin to kiss her back and continue my stroke but see now all you can hear is her and the sound of my pelvic bone against her ass as it claps back she takes all of me as the headboard goes to war with the wall. Her pussy takes the assault. I can feel my dick hit her cervix. Then my song iPod on shuffle comes on and my only goal is to make it so she won't ever test me in the bed room . So I pull out n tell her she's going to take this I grab the lube and begin slow as she says do your worse so I slide in the head as she inhales I out the rest if me in.she screams I'm cumming and begins to squirt as I'm still inside her ass n as she finishes I give her ten more Stokes to finish her off but by the ninth she squirted again so I keep going n see what else she git left she can't take any more so I pull out indifferent her n Kay her down n slap her clit with my dick n just then the flood gates open and she flows once more I get up n busy in her face right in front if the camera get dressed take a shower n slip away while she recovers from her climax event
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