Okay, sorry for those who actually read profiles, it's not because of you, but for those who hasn't, and/or have insufficient text reading ability, so I have to be rude.

I will not meet with you.

But in case of you ask me nicely or offer me anything, I'm telling again: I will not meet with you. No exceptions, period.

I will know that you don't read my profile when you bring in this question, and you have a huge chance for that was the last bit of our conversation.

For those who still reading, please sorry for been rude.
I'm a young fresh-mom with a loving husband who support me in anything. My young daughter takes many of my time also make impossible to meet anyone in real, but I looking for friends and online partners. I have not any experience in BBC and cuckolding, it's only a fantasy for years, and we keep it in our bedroom only.
So again for those who would ask it; I have no experience at all. I'm open for lot of things, dogging, cuckolding, sharing, three- or moresomes although...

You will always talk to me, my husband knows everything, but staying passive. :)
London, United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation
Caucasian (white)
Body Type
5'5" (165cm)
Want to meet
Looking for
Sexy chat/Email, Photo/Video exchange


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