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Jul 18, 2016
Apr 16, 2016
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Going to be in Vegas May 17-25.....Still looking for regular Bull in NEPA Apr 27, 2016

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Jul 18, 2016
    1. djfrantank
      Still in PA? Thought we could chat for a bit and meet up?
    2. djfrantank
      Noticed you guys are from PA. I live in DE. If interested don't hesitate to pm me
    3. Xtreme8100
      Argh, getting to Vegas on the 26th until 31st..
    4. Curiousuk69
      Quality profile pic
    5. Ring and Heels
      Ring and Heels
      simply beautiful.
    6. BedroomCoach
      Definitely interested. Lived in Wilkes barre for years
    7. bbc4white2010
      I'll be in vegas that weekend at the flamingo
    8. Liban
    9. Don Lowe
      Don Lowe
      Some bull is going to be a LUCKY regular in that fine body
    10. steve doe
      steve doe
      wow...lookin good
      1. Ring and Heels likes this.
    11. Ring and Heels
      Ring and Heels
      Damn...especially like the heels.
    12. legsnass79
      Going to be in Vegas May 17-25.....Still looking for regular Bull in NEPA
      1. Ring and Heels likes this.
    13. murphy33
      Sent you guys a message. Email me here or on FB. Chris
    14. Will Tile
      Will Tile
      Beautiful smile. I'll be going to Vegas en-route to Cali around the 20th. Maybe we can meet.
    15. IslandBrotha
      Bring those legs and ass to Cali
    16. Guttaman28
      How pa treating u young lady?
    17. Black Shadow
      Black Shadow
      Very sexy genuine woman, hope to see alot more of you - welcome.
    18. legsnass79
      Looking for a regular bull.
      1. mj8405
        Apr 25, 2016
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    Pittston, PA, United States
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    Caucasian (white)
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    5'4" (163cm)
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    • 1-on-1 sex
    I'm a happily married housewife and looking for a regular "Bull" that is polite, respectful, has a sense of humor and enjoyable to be around. I am looking for someone who I not only find compatible to be with in the bedroom with but also outside the bedroom, someone who we can have a conversation with over a drink or watching a game. If we were to meet, you would find we are very easy going, down to earth couple.
    My husband is a very successful business owner and an alpha male in both his professional life and our personal life. However, when it comes to the bedroom our fantasy is for him to be the opposite. He is completely straight so no need to ask about that. His involvement in any encounter would range from nothing at all to minor things I would allow/make him do (nothing weird or crazy). I'm a very sexual person, but not into crazy, kinky, perverted stuff.
    I may want to video the encounter (not all the time); so you would have to be comfortable with that and you would have to trust that the video would be for our own private collection (no, I will not give you a copy). If you're not comfortable with this I understand, but keep in mind that we can ill afford to let something like that get out and have no reason to let that happen.
    Lastly, I want to make it a point to say that I AM REAL. What you see is what you get. I'm not into endless e-mails back and fourth and I do not "chat" on line. If the physical attraction is there, your profile checks out and the initial e-mail conversations go well. I will ask you for your number to have a REAL conversation.