Hello and thanks for spending time to read about me.
Here you go I am a 32 years old white-Asian male with average body and 5 inches cock. Eversence my high school when I saw dicks of my black friends I am obsessed with the shape, Color and size of BBC. Mind you I am not gay at all.

As I grown up I saw more and more white girls from my university class to office colleagues running for black men. My curiosity grown enough by then I I submitted that if I ever have a girl I will make her BBC slut. Here you go I have a mistress Black_Cock_Ho.

My duties:

1) Working hard to save extra money for mistress slutry shopping. She loves boots and heels and that turns me on.

2) searching New BBC for her both online and on ground.

3) Arrangement for her BBC encounter Luke making food, drinks etc

4) Giving her bath , clean her nails, brush her hairs and dress her sexy just before BBC.

5) if BBC is very big I make her ass smother with our favourite black dildo.

6) occasionally I would suck BBC if it's not erect and make it errect for her.

7) when my mistress is enjoying with Bull I take their photos and make videos. Later me aand mistress will watch and cum again.

8) if she needs help during fucking for example inserting BBC back in pussy, I would volunteer to her

9) if BBC is very brutal I would hold her hands to relieve that pain. At that time I kiss her lips. Once both have cum I would clean my mistress. Occasionally I may clean BBC but it depends.

10) after this fun I would wash all the linens, mistress panties and clothes

I hate:
Imposter and blackmailer.

I care:
About the sexual desire of my queen and the privacy and safety of BBC, mistress and myself.

Not into picture trade and online sex. Real encounter with superior privacy

Sexual Orientation
Body Type
5'6" (168cm)
Want to meet
Women, Men, Couples
Looking for
Sexy chat/Email, Phone/Web cam sex, Photo/Video exchange, 1-on-1 sex, Threesome, Group sex (4 or more), Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission


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