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Kim - Chick with a Dick Jul 7, 2016

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    California, United States
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    I am Kim, a Chick with a Dick. My mommy and sister are both black cock sluts and are proud of it. My mommy totally controls me, and has completely feminized me.

    My mommy arranges ALL of my dates, which are only with black males of all ages. If I don't completely sexually satisfy my dates, I am in trouble with my mommy, which is never a good thing.

    I am an extremely good cock sucker, so there is never a shortage of black males for my mommy to arrange dates with for me.

    Mommy allows me to cum, but only when there is a black cock in my asshole. However, I sometimes do cum when mommy puts me naked over her knee and spanks me hard.

    My mommy gave birth to me when she was very young, and to my sister when she was even younger, just barely into puberty. After my birth, Mommy turned black only at the urging of her mom, and both my sister and I were raised to be black only.

    I wear exclusively female clothing, as I am not allowed to wear anything even remotely considered masculine. I like it. For now, I have both a dick and balls, but mommy has made it clear that some day, I will lose my balls. I don't know when that will be. I like cumming so I hope it is a ways off.

    I am totally addicted to cum from black males, so mommy makes sure I always get my fill. I even get to clean cum from my mommy and sister, so I really like it when they are with a lot of black males. Some of their dates have dogs.

    If you want to know more, ask.