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May 3, 2016
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In Cozumel all week! Oct 22, 2016

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Jan 19, 2017 at 12:17 AM
    1. Orion Pax
      Orion Pax
      She has a very nice body.
    2. Peter Paul
      Peter Paul
      I was watching your pics... they are awesome! please take more pics of her in those fabulous & sexy outifts there
      1. joshandmal
        Will try lol
        Nov 20, 2016
    3. joshandmal
      In Cozumel all week!
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    4. joshandmal
      Off to Mexico!
      1. wifebanger2012 likes this.
    5. Joako
      What a gorgeous woman , Greetings from playa del Carmen mexico ;)
      1. joshandmal
        Thank you! We will be in Cozumel in a week!
        Oct 14, 2016
    6. firedogg81
      very hot wife
      1. joshandmal likes this.
      2. joshandmal
        Thank you
        Oct 6, 2016
    7. 215BBC4QoS
      Great body.
      1. joshandmal likes this.
    8. Marquis00
      Happy birthday
      1. joshandmal likes this.
    9. bc93941
      I think you two are going to have a lot of fun with this lifestyle! Congratulations in advance for paving the way for your wife.
      1. joshandmal
        Not sure how we didn't see this comment but man that's such a nice thing to say. We appreciate it.
        Oct 17, 2016
    10. Maxthik
      Thanks for wanting to follow me.
      Let me know when....
    11. joshandmal
      Whats going on this weekend or next?!
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    12. blkmn4fun
      Very sexy pics of the mrs
      1. joshandmal likes this.
      Very sexy couple... we should talk.
      1. joshandmal
        That sounds very nice
        Jul 1, 2016
        BLACK MAGNUM likes this.
    14. joshandmal
      Did they change the chat on here? Used to be able to do individual chats.
      1. TopCat
        B2W conversation feature is still available.
        Jun 16, 2016
      2. joshandmal
        I see the one for group chat but we arent seeing little chats popup directed to us individually
        Jun 16, 2016
    15. manunder
      Hi, I'm fairly close to you guys . I am a dominant white male, who loves to take a housewife and turn her into a whore in front of her husband. We could all meet for a drink half way between you guys in Philly and me in Central New Jersey. At the moment I own two subs, and would love to see if you ( talking to Mal of course) would like to be my next. Also have kik if you have that , manunder is my profile .
      1. joshandmal
        Not really looking for white guys right now. Sorry and thanks asking
        Jun 16, 2016
    16. Cr102145
      Do you only share the wifey with blacks or are white bulls an options? I have a slave in Cincinnati. She enjoys being humiliated, I often label her with a markers, labeling her a "Black Cock WHore" or "Cum Slut Pig". I often bind her tits and make her dress up in "teeny" clothing, bright colored socks an short shorts, pig tails. I'd love to join you to some time. I'm a business professional type guy during the day.
    17. I'll Make You Wet
      I'll Make You Wet
      wife looks amazing.
      1. joshandmal
        Thank you!
        Jun 8, 2016
    18. joshandmal
      Bought some new toys yesterday. What else should a white wife own?
    19. greg972
      Charming couple
      1. joshandmal likes this.
    20. joshandmal
      We do have Kik. That seems to be a question we get a lot
      1. calvincollins and Maxthik like this.
      2. calvincollins
        what is your kik name?
        Jun 4, 2016
      3. joshandmal
        It's pornemail3224, sorry for the silly name, just thought it was going to be temporary
        Jul 3, 2016
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    Philadelphia, PA, United States
    Sexual Orientation:
    Caucasian (white)
    Body Type:
    5'10" (178cm)
    Want to meet:
    • Women
    • Men
    • Couples
    Looking for:
    • Sexy chat/Email
    • 1-on-1 sex
    • Threesome
    • Group sex (4 or more)
    We have Kik: pornemail3224

    Young married couple looking to get into the lifestyle. Prefer black men, especially since she has experience prior to marrying a white guy.

    We are a young couple that has begun exploring the possibly of playing with another men or couples. We hope to become good friends and get a long lasting situation. Basically, we are looking to meet another man or couple experience with this sort of lifestyle. Then slowly getting to know how it works as well as exploring our fantasies and hearing about yours. First timers are welcome to shoot us a message as well and maybe we can learn together. We are open to bi or straight and think interracial and black guys is extremely hot.

    We are in no rush to make anything happen but just weighing our options. Ultimately we would like to meet to have drinks and good conversation then maybe enjoy some sexual fun. Please no one word/line responses. Pics are welcome but not necessary at first.

    He is a 27 year old white male that weighs 185 lbs and is 6ft 2in. He has a slim build. brown eyes, and redish brown hair. He enjoys watching movies and shows, video game collecting, going out to eat and drinks, basketball, watching football, of course pornography. His dick is 7.5 inches so not terrible. She enjoys it but he wants to see her try something else.

    She is a 26 years old white female that weighs 140lbs and 5ft 10. She enjoys chilling watching tv and movies, going out to eat, having drinks, 420, her two cats, shopping, and massages. She has curves in all the right places. Proportional 32DDD sized breasts and juicy behind. She has dated black men in the past and when he told her about his fantasies, she was very intrigued.

    He enjoys putting his fiancees pleasure first, sucking her nipples, using her toys on her (her magic wand is her absolute favorite). He likes opening her up with his fingers and toys and then feeling her close around him. He is open to interracial bbc cuckold (not the degrading kind, he thinks it would be amazing to watch her and to encourage her as she gives herself to a black man for the night), possible DP if the situation is right.

    She likes cumming from clitoral orgasms but can cum internally as well. Her pussy has a nice well kept bush and is very resilient when being stretched (she can be slowly fisted with lots of lube while having her clit played with). She likes to dress in fancy outfits for her husband and use her toys (magic wand, vibrator, 9inch black dong, pussy pump, nipple pumps, cock rings). She recently squirted for the first time if that is your short of thing. She is interested in Black Men but is open to partner swapping, same sex touching or use of toys but not oral on women, she has never tried anal but is looking for tips.

    She also has expressed interest in possible bi play with another woman. She isn't sure about eating pussy but is interested in breasts and playing with toys.

    We know that this is asking for a lot so for the time being it would be great if we could talk, meet up, grab a drink or bite to eat and discuss further to see where this goes. No expectations when we meet other than seeing if things are a good fit. I put some descriptions below
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