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  • Hey jon how are you. Have you spoken to your woman about cuckolding yet. Do you wont me to chat with her to get her in the mood. Does she like looking at other mens cocks. I will show her mine if she wants to see it. Let me know mate
    Hi jon i understand how u feel mate. try this, put on some blk white porn, get her hot and wet but no cock, put a large blk dildo at the entrance to her pussy and lick her clit gently teeseing her cunt with the toy. As she gets turned on her pussy will open and push the cock in, licking her clit always. Make her cum with the dildo and licking. Game over.
    Hi jon your the same as me. Im 5inch as well, my wifes bull is 10 inch. Sex with me now means nothing to her. If you want some serious advice on how to get your partner to cuckold you then contact my email templar_1@hotmail.co.uk
    Yea i will help you mate but im busy at the moment. Gonna fuck my slut with her blk dildo. I will write soon with advice.
    Hi jon welcome to the scene. Im a cuck who loves the lifestyle
    are you new to it. My wife has been fucking other men for a long time. Anything you want to know then contact mate. Are you married? .
    hey joe i've been fantasisng about it for ages but me and k (my partner) havent really spoke about it, her ex boyfriend was white and had an 8 inch cock, mines barely over 5 inch and i know she doesent find the sex very stimulating. i'm wondering how to bring up the subject, was thinking of getting her a big black dildo to start with, what do you think?
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