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Jul 13, 2017
Oct 19, 2016
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Jan 28, 1982 (Age: 35)
United States


Member, Female, 35, from New York, NY, United States

Apply to be my cuckold in Hong Kong and Singapore. I am mature, kinky. Are you my wealthy cuckold? dominatrix and cuckold session Jun 13, 2017

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Jul 13, 2017
    1. jane mintu
    2. DominatrixNY
      Apply to be my cuckold in Hong Kong and Singapore. I am mature, kinky. Are you my wealthy cuckold? dominatrix and cuckold session
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    3. DominatrixNY
      cuckold Hong Kong and Singapore?
    4. Chastesissy
      You do actually sound really cool.
    5. DominatrixNY
      If you are unable to let me screen you or verify who you are - i will not see you. his is for my safety and to select fake and time waster.
    6. DominatrixNY
      Send me a PM to arrange a dominatrix and cuckold session with me.
    7. DominatrixNY
      Arrange a dominatrix and cuckold session between West Palm Beach, Tampa and Orlando. Pre booking for Miami, South Beach and Fort Lauderdale
    8. DominatrixNY
      This year i travel to Tampa, Orlando, Boca Raton for my dominatrix session and cuckold session. Also Session in Fort lauderdale and Miami
    9. DominatrixNY
      I am a cuckcake, cuckoldress.I am seeking a new wealthy cuckold. I am definitely a spoiled Goddess and Only for wealthy VIP, in Manhattan
    10. NYCbull718
      NYC bull here ...what's up
    11. Jason Morris
      Jason Morris
      Big bull here n vegas area
    12. DominatrixNY
      Back in Manhattan, New York and offer dominatrix session , cuckold session! Send me a PM ! Submit to me and spoil me!
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    13. flashhiper
      Hi I live in NYC. I'm looking for intense domination and cuckolding including chastity, forced bi, whipping / flogging etc. Would you be interested?
    14. WhiteHubby30
      I am a white cuck husband who gets so turned on by being dominates sexually
      Can we please chat about it together some time?
    15. DominatrixNY
      Dominatrix and cuckold session in West Palm Beach, fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, south Beach, key West. Your hotwife, cuckoldress
      1. DomBM4MWFs
        Interested Bull here.
        Dec 11, 2016
    16. DominatrixNY
      Cuckold session with a dominatrix in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego. And i travel to Boston, Chicago and Washington in 2017 .
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      2. elbuuters1
        If you need a bull in Las Vegas for a session. Reach out to me
        Dec 9, 2016
      3. Cuckboy24
        Located in Boston if you're planning anything around here I'll be interested for sure
        Mar 26, 2017
    17. DominatrixNY
      If you like to fly me to you - than send me a PM! Arrange a dominatrix and cuckold session . min. 2 hours or party and worship me the night
    18. DominatrixNY
      2017 i travel to San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami , South Beach and West Palm Beach, i love to cuckold you! Make your fantasy to your reality.
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    19. DominatrixNY
      Best possition for me: you under me and my bull behind me!
    20. DominatrixNY
      I love cuckold you. You have to prepair me, massage me, worship and submit to me and than i cuckold you. It is so hot. the best!
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    Jan 28, 1982 (Age: 35)
    New York, NY, United States
    Sexual Orientation:
    Caucasian (white)
    Body Type:
    5'9" (175cm)
    Want to meet:
    • Men
    • Couples
    Looking for:
    • 1-on-1 sex
    • Threesome
    • Group sex (4 or more)
    • Bondage & Discipline
    • Dominance & Submission
    Kinky, open minded and elegatn Dominatrix from Switzerland! I offer cuckold session in Manhattan, NY, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and travel also to Europe. I love to be in Control and cuckold you!
    I also love to go " bull hunting"! We meet in a nice Hotel room, we have a drink and than we go to a nice bar and i pick up a nice guy to be my bull. Than we go back to the Hotel room and i cuckold you!
    This is such a hot and fun Thing to do.
    "Party" and fetish friendly.

    I don´t use skpye, Webcam or facetime and i am not on WhatsApp or kik.
    Send me a private message if you like to arrange a dominatrix / cuckold session with me, I prefer a Minimum of 2 hours at your place. If you are unable to host than i expect that you arrange a nice Hotel for us!

    NO - i don´t have time to meet you at Starbucks! I meet you at your Apartment or in your nice Hotel room ( not at the street Corner or in the Lobby)


    Be my cuckold for the night or Long-term Arrangement!
    Cuckoldress, cuckold session, cuckolding in Manhattan, New York.
    Worship me! Submit to me! Spoil me!

    I also offer dominatrix session in Boston , Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, South Beach. and I travel to UK a/ Europe, Asia and offer dominatrix and cuckold session in London, Manchester, Dublin, Milano, Hong Kong and Singapore. ( YES - i love to travel around) You are welcome to arrange me a first class air ticket and a great Hotel and spoil me in your Country/City.

    By the way - i will NEVER - EVER send you a face Picture or nude pics. AGAIN: no skype, Webcam, WhatsApp or kik.

    I also offer my dominatrix session and cuckold session in Miami, south Beach, West Palm Beach, fort Lauderdale, key West . and you always can fly me To you. Next year i also offer dominatrix and cuckold session in Boston, Chicago , Washington . i make your fantasy To reality. Forced BI session, your hotwife, cuckoldress. Mature and fetish friendly

    I am your hot , caucasian cougar, your sexy and mature Escort. i travel 4-5 times a year to Singapore and Hong Kong and i am looking for my wealthy cuckold!

    Information about CUCKOLDING:

    I am a cuckcake, cuckoldress and I am currently seeking a new wealthy cuckold. I am real and very serious and am only interested in meeting a man who shares this interest. I have sophisticated tastes in clothing, dining, and travel but also like to let my hair down and party with my girls, and my cuckold, too. I am definitely a spoiled Goddess and live quite well... part of our relationship will involve making sure I continue to live the lifestyle I enjoy. If this type of relationship appeals to you, let me know and apply with a nice email and let me know more about you. This is only for wealthy VIP, in Hong Kong and Singapore