Jun 25, 2015
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New Member, Male, from Austin

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    I am extremely comfortable with all sides to my sexuality, for better or for worse, it is a significant and important part of what makes me, me. To0 be anything else, would be a lie, which is something I see no point in and I never have. From an early age I was always rather transparent in how I lived, what I thought, the way in which I behaved, and I made no apologies for anything I’ve done.

    Not that I am perfect or without flaws and I have certainly made plenty of mistakes over the years that had I to do over again, I would more than likely improve upon with a second chance. We are all a manifestation of our history, our environment creates us. But regardless of the actions or events that have had an impact on us, it is how we dealt with those experiences that helped shape us into the individual we are today. The good, the bad and the ugly, all add up to who we are, so, I accept my past just as I accept my present.

    It’s not your fault that some of you were born with less than is fair. Still it doesn’t change the simple truth of the matter that many girls today will admit they prefer bigger over average or small guys. It fulfills them in gloriously Blissful ways!

    Every girl at some point in her life struggles with the good girl inside that she was raised to become, versus giving into becoming that bad girl they were warned to avoid. That journey to find who they are, what their primal nature wants them to be, is confusing, scary, intimidating, and wrought with anxiety.

    But the right guy, or girl, in your life can help you find your center that will ultimately set you free to become what we were always meant to be!

    Try to not be afraid of addressing the white elephant in the room, your unhappy or unsatisfying sex life, with your partner. Denial will not solve your problems. Life is too long to live with lies. If you two can not communicate with each other about the real things that turn you on, that you need or simply want to try, then maybe you two are just not as compatible as a couple as you initially thought.

    Sex is not everything in a relationship, however that doesn’t mean that sex is not important either, because sex and sexual fulfillment is actually very important. If you can not achieve that mutual understanding and connection with your partner, than it’s time for you both to address your options and consider which ones are best suited to your relationship and lifestyle, in order to fix the problem and reclaim your right to experiencing Bliss on your own terms.

    Sometimes, less is more, and other times, more is less… you choose.

    Want to blow your man’s mind? Then try surprising him some where by wearing only a revealing fishnet body stocking, along with a sexy pair of tall stilettos, plus your favorite scent and a heavy dose of pornstar makeup, he’ll lose control in no time flat. Just because you’ve never done anal before with the white guys you once dated, doesn’t mean that you’ll never do anal once you go out and hook-up with black guys. Just expect that you will, think of it as yet another positive change you’ve made going forward. After doing it a few times, you’ll come to love it as much as you’ll love that big beautiful black cock!

    Admit it, most girls say they hate to be told what to do, yet, at the same time you also crave being made to do things you otherwise wouldn’t be doing. You love when a man acts like a man and takes charge, when he makes you his nasty lil’ bitch.

    As any girl who first gets blacked knows, early on you’ll reach that “OH” moment that explains everything to you about what you were missing out on before you converted. Some may call it an acquired taste, or a trained response, but I call it a primal hunger.

    Any digital trail showing off your interracial porn addiction on your laptop is going to be found when you let your daughter use that computer. It will open up a conversation you may never wish her to have with anyone, as well as opening up her mind and her legs to all the possibilities she’ll learn about when you tell her how easily you were converted and how much you love it.

    The future of our society and civilization, whether you like it or not, lays with the sexy sluts of today who will become tomorrow’s cuckoldresses to be.

    Embrace evolution!