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    Fellas.... What type of white women do you prefer?

    No love for tall skinny girls eh? :(
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    10 eh? :wub:
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    Would you want the Wendys Redhead ?

    Might be willing to PM a pic or two here & there, but not posting on a forum. Sorry.
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    Would you want the Wendys Redhead ?

    Growing up seemed like all I heard was that guys liked voluptous tan blondes or brunettes. As a tall skinny & pale Irish/Scot I was kinda insecure. Last couple of years have really been an eye opener. Nice to see the ginger love. It's appreciated. :wub:
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    hairy pussy or shaven pussy?

    Bare or beware!
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    What was the worst experience that you have ever had since you decide to go black?

    Thankfully nothing as bad as some of these. Been with several black men and a few were kinda small. Huge turn off. :(
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    White Females: What sparked your curiousity in BBC?

    Was curious for a while. Had seen some amateur stuff online. Met him at my 1st job & he basically seduced me. Still biggest I've had. Could go forever & often too. <3
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    Gf wants multiple dicks....

    Good luck & godspeed! :exciting::unsure::exciting:
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    Pic kinda looks like me.

    Pic kinda looks like me.
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    Totally new here. Being asked to write something. LoL Nice to meet you all.