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If you want to to chat hit me up on kik username = bound2bmine or yahoo messenger username =jb1038 Jun 17, 2017

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      If you want to to chat hit me up on kik username = bound2bmine or yahoo messenger username =jb1038
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    I met my wife when she was in her 20's. She was very mature for her age. I was 10 yrs older than her and divorced and we hit it off right from the start. Like I said she was very mature for her age a hot little thing with a very friendly attitude, she was the life of the party. She was a bit of a pot head, but had a good head on her shoulder. I would later find out that she was a bit adventurous, or slutty what ever you want to call it and by age 18 had already been with 30 guys.

    So we dated for like 4 yrs and had one breakup, where she ran off with an X-boyfriend to Jamaica for a week. This is where my feeling of sharing her started I think. All I could think about was her and her younger x-boyfriend fucking her every-night. Like I said this is where I think my desire to share her started I think. She came back and we eventually got back together and married she was 23-24 by then. I was happy but I still had that fantasy of sharing her. She got preg and we had a baby, the fantasy was kind of on hold while she was pregnant. After the baby was born I brought it up again she was against it at first but slowly warmed up to the idea.

    By this time she was like 25-26 when she started playing with other men. It included men from a young guy who was 19 to older guy who was in his 50's and who turned out to be a sugar-daddy type for her. I have to tell you that was so hot. He would buy her things in exchange for sex. Just knowing that she was being used in a sense by an old guy was very hot to me. None of the guys knew that I was aware of her playing around. They all thought she was cheating on me. It was easier to find guys that way she did not want to do the bar stranger thing. So at that time I never got to watch. It was her playing on her own and me just hearing the details. This went on for 5 yrs off and on. At this point I thought I had it made a nice family a young sexy hot wife who was all about our family at home and fucking other men outside the home. By the way no one knew about our lifestyle not her family or mine. We kept it all very discreet.

    At some point we had the idea that we should get a guy who could be a steady lover for her. A guy that we could both be friends with and I could watch and participate, as well as a steady lover for her. So this guy at her work who was a work acquaintance that I knew as well just happens to breaks up with his girl friend that open the door. He started talking more to my wife and we slowly brought him into the lifestyle. I have to tell you he was and may still be a cool dude. Easy to get along with. He was younger than her by 6 years, he was black which was a big fantasy for me and later found out it was a big turn on for her as well. So he starts hanging out as a friend of the family and that’s how everyone saw him. Slowly we get him into the lifestyle. He would come over to our house when our baby was at grandmas and she would go to his place other times. I thought I was in heaven. You guys that have seen the pictures they were so incredibly hot together. I had never seen my wife react like she did to this guy. Again for those that have seen the pictures it was so incredible hot. The way he fucked her the way he took over her was incredibly hot and shocking in a good way to me. I have to admit however that it did worry me a bit. With in 2 months it started to get a little out of control he was fucking her 3-4 times a week. She totally started to fall like under a spell that once again was exciting but worried me. She even started to be a bit submissive to him. Most of times she was at his place because we had a baby. She would leave work go to his place and come home after (again in retrospect probably not a good idea).

    So by this point I have a young wife and mother that is getting fucked by another man 3-4 times a week and I'm hardly getting any sex at all. She was on the pill so he was cuming inside her sometimes several times a night. If she wouldn’t have been on the pill she would have been pregnant right away as much cum as he was dropping inside her. Keep in mind 3-4 times a week many nights twice a night, that's a whole lot of another mans cum inside her.

    Then I start to see a change in her she starts to become more distant. I was getting no sex and when she would give me a BJ she would spit me out but she always swallowed him. I asked once why she spit mine out she said your cum taste sour and his taste sweet. So more and more she finds things to fight about to the point that she tell me one day I am addicted to him I cant do with out him. Then she said you got us into this lifestyle you opened the door and now I'm in love with him I cant be with out him. We separate and within six months while we are separated but not divorced she got preg by him. We divorced like 8 months later she had a big preg belly when we had our court date for the divorce. It was kind of humiliating

    So what is the lesson here. This life is dangerous make sure you go into it with eyes wide open.
    Be careful of wife having a steady boyfriend with out having any rules.

    So I wanted to add this as well it was on the original story when it was posted before.
    This is a conversation I had with her about our past not to long ago. I asked her.

    ME: So what was the different. We know emotions came after. Was the sex better?
    HER: Your right I didn't fall in love right away, but honestly I absolutely enjoyed the sex, I cant say exactly why, it was just so good.
    So yes to be honest the sex was better. Sorry.
    ME: Was the black thing a turn on for you.
    HER: Yes, the black thing was a turn on. Can't explain why I just wanted him all the time.
    I don’t know I just like the contrast if our skin together.
    ME: So you didn't say if you were always attracted to black men?
    HER: No not always attracted to black dudes not at all. But you saw us together can you blame me.
    I'm sorry it just got to the point I couldn't imagine you touching me anymore. You wanted this! You wanted me to have a steady lover.
    You encouraged us to fuck all the time. I mean you know we were together almost every day and you loved the idea that he was black.
    He became my main man the only man I thought about. Sorry.

    I also asked her this. It was interesting never thought of myself as submissive.

    ME Do you think of me as submissive in any way? Because in regular life I don't like to be pushed around.
    HER: Yeah, I could see you being submissive.
    ME: OK wow, submissive how?
    HER: I just meant that I could see you enjoying a sexually submissive relationship. I really don't know though.

    I was watching him take her away from me and I was hard as a ROCK THRU-IT
    That's them below.

    The first picture is from a vacation we took all three of us together. He slept with her every night as I slept on the couch.


    This is what I watched so many times. You can tell from the way she is reacting that she is his.