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1st AWARD OF THE BEST BOOTY FOR BLACK has now been revealed... Sep 17, 2017 at 5:27 PM

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    1. HornyBBCSlut
      Jesus Christ, But You're Sexy Black Guy.
      Amazing Dick. WOW
      My White Polish Pussy is all wet ♥
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    2. FW Couple
      FW Couple
      I would say the best picture of a guy that I want to black my wife :-) dude would love to see you pleasuring my wife and her bowing to you when you are filling up her pussy with your juices.
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    3. BlackPassion
      Just posted a new pic up for all your fine white BBC craving women out there
      1. Bradandlori
        Nov 14, 2016
    4. CalichicksonBBC
      Thought Id cruise by your profile and check you out!! YOUR HOT BABE!!
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    5. BlackPassion
      Too many messages lately from guys, fakes and couples/women with no personal pics, come on guys if you want a reply or a meet, sort it out!
      1. Porsha
        So sexy
        Nov 4, 2016
    6. Sexy Redhead
      Sexy Redhead
      Nice profile pic. Love those abs.
    7. CalichicksonBBC
      Come & get me Big daddy!!
      1. Benjamin Huston
        Benjamin Huston
        Cant wait for the video
        Nov 2, 2016
    8. Benjamin Huston
      Benjamin Huston
      Love seeing your profile, i hope you dont mind
    9. CalichicksonBBC
      Checking my Settings now...
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      2. BlackPassion
        Thanks have left you a message on your profile, as I still cant reply and dont know why!
        Oct 17, 2016
    10. Wife 4 bbc
      Wife 4 bbc
      Thanks for following
    11. Wife 4 bbc
      Wife 4 bbc
      Really good album pic you have . My wife is not sure yet about lifestyle, but I will kip you in mind if anything change soon
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      2. samy the cuck
        samy the cuck
        help your wife to her being . a hot slut bbc . addicted ......once she trys ......then she 'll never stop
        Nov 6, 2016
    12. NEwant2becuck
      very nice pics... do a lot of women in england like black men? u should write a blog or make a thread on here with ur stories and pics from meet ups
      1. BlackPassion
        Thanks, and yes they do , there is a good scene in the UK. I have tons of personal pics and stories from over recent years and have thought about doing this but I prefer to keep it more private and discreet between myself and the women / Couples I meet. Who knows maybe some day!
        Oct 5, 2016
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    13. vickandbull
      your look like a perfect stallion, would love to meet you...
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      2. BlackPassion
        Thanks would be great to meet you too and see you handle this BBC...
        Oct 5, 2016
    14. Hotwife113
      Mmmm. Sooo hot!
    15. Pamela87
      your avi pic is so eye catching...winks
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      2. RobyWhiteBoy
        you are always so hot.. and so dirty!! i love it!! :D
        Oct 4, 2016
    16. KiraT
    17. yureyeswereblue
      Thank you for the follow. Much love...
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    18. lkg4fun
      Great profile for an extremely sexy man.
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    19. PinkPanther
      TY for following me B2W
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    20. BlackPassion
      On the search for true willing BBC lovers, only attractive women and couples need apply
      1. Mrsjtkirk52
        Too bad we're so far apart otherwise I would apply my lips right to your sexiness.
        Aug 25, 2016
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    Sexual Orientation:
    Body Type:
    6'2" (188cm)
    Want to meet:
    • Women
    • Couples
    Looking for:
    • Sexy chat/Email
    • Phone/Web cam sex
    • Photo/Video exchange
    • 1-on-1 sex
    • Threesome
    • Group sex (4 or more)
    • Bondage & Discipline
    • Dominance & Submission
    Im an athletic , clean, very well hung, genuine, clean and true alpha dom black bull . Seeking serious genuine likeminded couples and women only.

    I am experienced with domination and cuckolding, dont mind cuck white males, but not into meeting men alone - ONLY as part of a couple!

    I am a staff member here and have been on the scene over 7 years and I do take this all seriously. It is a full lifestyle choice for me, I have been offered to do porn, offered large sums of money, but none of this interests me - I do this for myself and also for the enjoyment of giving an attractive white woman what she needs and craves and also being with a white mans wife with or without her husband being present. Therefore , I am only interested in women and couples that are either familiar with the interacial/hotwife/cuck/ black and white lifestyle or are serious and willing to understand and learn - I am told I am a very good teacher ; )

    I am discreet and understanding especially with couples but please respect I have my own needs of what I am looking for and desires as an alpha black bull. I am always up for discussing this as I realise different women, couples etc are after varying things and situations.

    Im up for meets, regular or one off and do travel often too due to my work and have arranged group black and white sessions for black men and white women. I am happy to chat too, or cam and explore your inner dark desires. I can be your Master, trainer and owner with no disappointments - 'THE BLACK GUARANTEE' ! I will say however, I am very picky so only want the best as I give the best and a true BBC dom / cuckold experience. I believe what I provide overall, you will very find hard to find elsewhere.

    I have Kik, whatsapp or skype, and if you are not verified or cannot verify yourself on here, don't bother getting in touch. ONLY looking for hot white women and serious couples please, no games or fakers. Thankyou.
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