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Wife is ready for BBC

What do you small for huge BBC?
She appears similar in size that i am, i am 5'5 and 112 lbs now, born and raised in china but in canada living now, and due to just i guess i could say circumstances that arose over like a year or so and caused me to let a black hot hot guy 16 yrs younger than me and also i found out at his house the night i finally accepted his invitation to visit him when my husband was away on business trip for another 2 weeks, i found out while after i arrived at his place that night that he also was very very well endowned, and so i want to answer what u asked here about if your wife maybe is too small for a huge cock, and i can only reply to this based on my personal first hand experiences. So in reply i say this, that night 18 months ago when i went finally to visit that younger hot black guy who had been asking me for long time when i went the gym where he worked to come over his house and visit, and i had always said no thanks, then one day due to circumstances i surprised him and said when he asked me at the gym that day i said, u know what? i always have refused u invitation but now i am saying yes, can i come see u tonight and said i be there at 9pm and got his address and was there dressed like u would no beleive, and i am honest person so i will admit truthfully i dressed how i did to go his house that night and yes, also, i went there knowing he desired me and with full intention on my part to let him fuck me.
So it turned out that his cock was very big, when he undressed and i was already nude in his kitchen with him and he took his underpants off he was already total hard, and i was shocked for bit when i saw how big and thick around it was, and anyhow it ended up that his cock was at least 3 inches longer than i had ever had in me, and i would say also twice as big around than i ever had in me also, and at first took a bit of him being gentle putting his cock in me, but i was also from before that from sucking his huge big cock, doing that to a man makes me instantly totally soaking soaking wet down there, so when he was starting put his cock in my pussy i was fortunately so wet there, and it no took long at all for him to get it in me comfortably, i actually found that his huge cock went in me pretty easy, and i never had any problems with a cock that big fucking me, so i guess depends on some things about u wife, but i would say based on my experiences, if the guy goes easy and slow, and she is turned right on to him, she should be able to take it in her. But also, i say, it all really totally depends on some other important things the guy should have besides just a big cock, that i am sure of!

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