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" White women BBC buffet "

Eat, suck and fuck till your heart's and orifices content. ❤
@Linda4bbc I've had 5 DePaul females, 3 white, 1 mixed, one latina mixed, perform what they called a " WishBONE " ceremony on me. They tied me up ,legs and arms etched out, and proceeded with their oral suck down which was the most magnificent and most exhilarating, orgasmic, mind-blowing sexperience I've ever had as far as that goes. One had my left ball, the other had my right, one was on the shaft, the other was on the head and one was in my ass. I was a buffet literally for over an hour and a half. Until they released my legs so it can lay down so they all can get their cervix massage. . (I kept my promise ladies, NO NAMES ) Now ask me if there's a few white women together that can top that? I got the athletic stamina and endurance for them.

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" BobbyLongKong10 World of sexperience!"
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