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why are you guys lying to this lady? I'm sure she is a cutie but this photo doesn't show shit. No curves or anything. What makes it a sexy shoot?
Maybe when you grow up, you will learn the difference between sexy and naked!!!! But for now, let me try to explain, Naked is without clothing. Sexy is about possibilities and the intangible. There is sexiness is the simple, normal, everday way that she presents herself. But of course, that is something you can't understand yet!!!
TD,Believe me I am grown and I do know sexy. There is nothing sexy about this photo. I'm 56 years young and have been a photographer for a long time and I think I have an idea of what sexy is. you don't like my opinion? Oh well. I just don't see it in the photo. If you do that's fine. IF you want to kiss up to the photo's owner fine. My opinion is mine.
Bluqemajix..So now you have the definitive perspective on sexiness because you are a photographer??? Really??? Does that make me an expert on all business because I am a business owner??? You started the stupidity by suggesting we are lying to this woman!! How can you tell me what is sexy to me?? You have an idea of what you think is sexy and so does everyone else on here. So why not keep our opinions to ourselves and pretend to be adults. Have a great day.
Fair enough, I should have should not have commented on other people thinking photo is sexy. I should have just rendered my opinion.

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