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  1. BobbyLongKong10
    @erzika Indeed you've known for quite sometime that a DICKtatorship was in procession. Now bow down and receive your knighted honors with DICKnity and prepare for the upCUM'in! ;)
  2. BobbyLongKong10
    @Sheischerry That won't be the only sound you make my precious slutfuck muffin. You will be knighted as well. Bow down and bend over. You shall be welCUM'd into the Kingdom!;)
  3. BobbyLongKong10
    @Upstater Well then, I have spoken. You know your place and so shall be IT! Cum, let us part and feed thy slutfuck for celebrate anew! :sex::blackheart::qos:
    That's Richard Mann.... my wife fucked him ; )
  5. BobbyLongKong10
    @Upstater Cumm to me..and show me what the possibilities are with your Mandingo Milking Skills. Drink and guzzle it all down baby.
  6. BobbyLongKong10
    @Upstater We shall see my loyal, cum drinking sex slave. I await for your services to your master.
  7. BobbyLongKong10
    I would love to party in that pussyburger with my mouth, tongue and this DIICCKKKKK!:sex:" BEEFY DICKSTEAK SUPREME " by BobbyLongKong10 posted Dec 21, 2016 at 6:29 PM
  8. Saxophone
    You definitely have shape and a wonderfully hot sexy body!
  9. 4POWER
    I got something real and blk that will luv to fill all ur holes when u are really ready sexy:sex::qos::blackheart:
  10. linkme4real
    Great couple ....Lucky guy.... Sexy lady !

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