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  1. Fatcock30
    mmm start with those thick thighs as the entree, and that ass as the main course! yum
  2. Cajun BBC
    So fine!
  3. Fatcock30
    @KnottyPatty mmmmm Patty you can try, but i'll have a handful of hair and the other hand over your pretty white mouth, so your gonna have to beg very loud, like wake the neighbors loud:devil:
  4. uksexyslim
    Huge, looks like they are ready to explode.x
  5. Fatcock30
    mmmmm I want you to that spatula and make me and my BBC some pancakes after I finished filling up on your pattycakes :blackgrimace::):blackgreedy:
  6. KnottyPatty
    @Fatcock30 All you can eat!!
  7. Bellaazz
    @Samantha P Your ass is incredible. ANd I would bet the other women are checking it out too
  8. KnottyPatty
    @Fatcock30 Mmmmmmmm......and I'd beg for MORE!!!!
  9. Lamar jones
    Oh my!
  10. Fatcock30
    mmmmm white juicy ass buffet, a BBC favorite meal

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