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  1. Will Owen
    Yes, you are right! I would love to watch her being taken to another level by a black man! x
  2. AngelWithHorns
    Fill me:sex: pls :inlove:
  3. interracial-lover
    @Will Owen is it just her that is getting aroused or is the thought of her being fucked getting you so aroused and it becomes a fantasy for you too am I right!
  4. Will Owen
    Yes, she is very aroused by black men and loves to tell me all about it which turns me on! Don't get me wrong, I love sex with her too but she wants to experience another level and who am I to...
  5. interracial-lover
    to giver the pleasure that turns her on so much, the moaning, the screaming, and begging saying deeper harder, wreck my ass hole like my little hubby cant that turns you on way more than you can...
  6. Will Owen
    To take sex to another (and larger) level! x
  7. Garsin
    pound that pussy black man
  8. Will Owen
    There are a couple of black guys in IT, who are always fiddling around under her desk, "fixing problems!" x
  9. interracial-lover
    why is that white guys who get to have sex with there wives all the time want us black guys to rip them and wreck all there holes so badly, they want another man in them so badly, why is that!
  10. Garsin
    mine too :bounce:

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