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  1. Drewland
    who is that woman?
  2. fender2161f
    I have nice big black thick hard cock for him to wrap his lips around
  3. digable
    @Pauline then we should
  4. bigblackbull76
    @Porkypig that's unfortunately true but he won't be as publically insane either.
  5. Sexy Redhead
    Yes I'm very hungry. I need some dark chocolate now.
  6. Booker1
    DAMN..........She can ride dick!!!!
  7. Belmont
    @Bull 4 my asian You're a good man. She's lucky that you are going to make her happy by sharing her ; )
  8. Bull 4 my asian
    @Belmont I am about in the same situation, maybe not the exact cause but I am trying to make sure she stays fulfilled and satisfied.
  9. Centralnjguy
    @DeuxHeartz good
  10. Belmont
    @Bull 4 my asian We know what you mean. Filipina wife here never had interest in BBC until older hubby began to have E.D. She now appreciates having 10-inch hard BBC to fuck her on a regular basis ; )

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