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  1. interracial-lover
    How about I cum and you get it, if anyone wants to lick it up great if not, get pregnant with my black baby, as long as that pussy is mine nothing else matters, are you naughty enough to handle me?
  2. munron
    The famous architect Harry Weese designed the River Cottages... if only he had know what would take place there for years after Sue and Jim moved in. A Mecca for black Chicago males to visit and...
  3. HWSelly
  4. tennblkberry
    I got 8 on right here,cum inside you and no questions asked
  5. vigboy
    should we do it private
  6. CuckoldCupNC
    Cucks want your bulls to stay faithful? Eat their asses when they fucking your lady like you shoulda been doing from the jump, and they'll give you many mixed babies, and stay faithful.
  7. HWSelly
    @vigboy :frantic::inlove:
  8. CuckoldCupNC
    Hey bulls wondering how you become our lifetime bull? Fuck us like this, and you're never going ANYWHERE. Bred for life
  9. ThkBBC4wf
    I need some of that.
  10. vigboy
    fuck yea bb 29 young fit dominant bull you tell

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