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  1. laphanatic
    HAHA Did he actually mention his 10.5" cock? Maybe 6.5" on a good day
  2. ukcouple4black
    A thing of beauty :-) x
  3. ukcouple4black
    Beautiful x
  4. margaritaeasy
    Forget the coffee, that would REALLY wake me up in the morning ;)
  5. jane mintu
    @Mr Smalls :))))))))))))))))))
  6. 4POWER
    @Jenna4BBC cum ASAP.
  7. noway632000
    @jose ramon yes and dont stop, wank and cum again and again
  8. ukcouple4black
    Thank you for the comments , you have a wonderfully erotic imagination , To be honest the evening was a bit of a blur , very highly charged and intense . They spent ages in foreplay before he...
  9. spin419
    I can't help but love your succinct description of this session......time wonderfully spent, it sounds like. Did you or she count her orgasms? I don't really know -- younger guy><mature wife...
  10. Pauline
    @Curiousmale74nl It certainly is !

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