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  1. cornishviewer
    That amount is not enough for you. You'll receive more. Sure!
  2. cornishviewer
    Who needs a bridge over a river if this is the best kind of bridge ever?
  3. cornishviewer
    I'd love to kiss and lick that pretty bubblebutt. And also to drill it.
  4. ww1ldpassion
    Would like to see it going up and down on a big black cock!)
  5. Stan
    @Sarah936 well thanks for the compliment
  6. cornishviewer
    The choice evident: you choose both of them. Why to hesidate?
  7. cornishviewer
    So if there is no BBC near, the best option would be to use a big banana. Also, you can eat it after using it as a dildo.
  8. cornishviewer
    Black dress covered with the famous white fluid would be very pretty and hot!
  9. cornishviewer
    Once you see a pretty girl like this, you can only say: "Hey baby! Do you want me to feed you? Choose between milk and meat. Or better: both of them!"
  10. cornishviewer
    Wow! Sexy!

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