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  1. BlackJaguar007
    as long as you will do as you are ordered i'll use you ... till you can't take it anymore or be trained to take it ;)
  2. Pauline
    Actually, I would like you to make me handle it, whether I think I can or not!!!
  3. Pauline
    @floridaboy Well you know I am always available for groping !!!
  4. Pauline
    @merlinir Thanks so much !
  5. Pauline
    Well it looks very thick (my favourite) but I would love to try !!!
  6. floridaboy
    Those tits look like they need a good groping and that mom pussy needs to be thoroughly stretched
  7. BlackJaguar007
    come and get it its all yours , can you handle it ;)
  8. purelove
    @StephWilson78 wish I was living closer to you...
  9. Pauline
    Wow ! I could have some fun with that !!!
  10. Forest
    Yummy! Two fingers in the pussy rubbing against the butt plug should do it!

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