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  1. cornishviewer
    @Coach1469 More than your dildo, that's sure.
  2. Boxer1987
    @Jessiethick @Pauline thank you lovelies
  3. Jamesukbbc959
    Hi there - looking very beautiful. My girlfriend is keen to do this - i'm coming round too - girlfriend is KuddlyKay (also on here) - how should we start this long term adventure? xx
  4. Coach1469
    @king kevo1223 oh it is and you wouldn't last very long, stud
  5. cornishviewer
    @Coach1469 Lucky fuckers!
  6. Coach1469
    Right now it's 1, plus a BBC dildo. Just thinking of the lifestyle right now. May be a player. May not. Looks like good fun
  7. Benji_mind
    Sexy cameltoe
  8. Benji_mind
  9. cornishviewer
    @Coach1469 The number of men who want to fuck you is no doubt very large. Who is before me?
  10. Coach1469
    In my pussy of course. When u get in, u won't pull out, that's a promise.

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