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  1. predoff
    My favorite tits, can I kiss them?:p
  2. brownstick
    Bring that to me ill take good care
  3. brownstick
    @Justin Jackson I wishhh I would no doubt drill her all deep
  4. brownstick
    She can grab mine like that
  5. Justin Jackson
    @brownstick I'm trying to tell her that but she keeps turning me down Wish you were destroying her with your big cock!!
  6. steve1000
    My Cunt wishes for the same and enjoyed watching you stroke that BBC.
  7. brownstick
  8. brownstick
    Ohh yess she was born 4 black cock she is sooo yumyyy
  9. thickslut4bbc
    Mmmm stretch mine out
  10. steve1000
    Very nice photo of your lovely wife looking excited about being with a handsome black man, with a very thick and long BBC. I am sure everyone would love seeing more photos of the two and their...

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