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  1. bigblackbull76
    @Double dog 33 not a problem with the camera but more so with the lighting. I can brighten it up and repost.
  2. interracial-lover
    Hell yeah please tease me, let me show you what a naughty girl like you was missing, wanna inbox chat?
  3. bigblackbull76
    @Double dog 33 - lol, yeah did you think that maybe it's dark for a reason - "keeping our identities private." Just brighten up your screen and did you mean to spell "prerogative" - learn to use...
  4. Double dog 33
    Other than audio, there's nothing here. You call that criticism jealous? Not quite. Not my fault you cant run a camera. Hopefully your sex life is better than your camera work. Good luck.
  5. Double dog 33
    Need to have light. Can't see anything ! Why even post if an image is nothing but dark. I don't post my private life here. That's your purgative. Learn how to use light !
  6. bigblackbull76
    @Double dog 33 lol, ok easy to make lame azz jealous comments but where your original pics and video clips of your chics? And this is just 1 clip of 5 that I chopped up. The 5th is a special...
  7. Double dog 33
  8. donlove72
    Nice haircut
  9. Kingjaycob2
    . by Kingjaycob2 posted Aug 15, 2017 at 12:22 AMit can try mine
  10. donlove72
    Wow love your hot and sexy body and the you make love

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