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  1. CuckoldCupNC
    She ALWAYS delivers to her hubby! I think they are going to do a reality show too since she's been bred not once, but TWICE!!!
  2. fillmypussy
    @poker4me for a bbc slut like me are the symbol of submission I like to be taken by a dominant bull
  3. poker4me
    See you only joined yesterday so maybe my 'had black penis yet?' question would be just a little premature-just a little. When they do get her, hope she gets 'fucked to love' and owned as the...
  4. CuckoldCupNC
    There's just something about sniffing your bulls sweaty asshole as you lap up the sweat dripping from your bulls balls, before diving into to your wife's crotch nose first whilst tongue is buried...
  5. poker4me
    No comments. But maybe that is because a photo of a beautiful white blonde being black man fucked is worth several thousand words all be itself. And yippee, I don't see a rubber-so the guy evidently...
  6. Sexy Redhead
    I need to wrap my lips around that cock and give it a good sucking.
  7. wannawatchbbc
    Looking a bit like mine bent over by wannawatchbbc posted Jan 17, 2017 at 8:16 PM
  8. Sexy Redhead
    Love they way your cock gets thicker as you get deeper and deeper.
  9. CuckoldCupNC
    Cucks when your bull buries his bone deep in our wives womb, do him a favor and clean his asshole with your tongue. He will leave a much larger load ensuring her pregnancy, not to mention the...
  10. hungwhiteboy
    Simply amazing!!!

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