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  1. needbbcfl
  2. needbbcfl
    I do.
  3. vambana
    I loved this position.Tell us,was he slightly touching your cervix,the sensation.
  4. needbbcfl
    I need a workout partner.
  5. vambana
    Zdicnzz,I agree with you bro.I personally had/have good female friends who later confessed to me,what was missing in their marriage. Guess what?good sex with their partners.The dicks were...
  6. vambana
    I have question.Did that scenerio occur in a swinger club? I have been there,and that's the only place I can picture right now, where you can have that number of man easily to have sex with,unless...
  7. HugeJD
    not only is that ass nice, the shoes top it off. my cock is rock hard
  8. blacks09m
    Both lol The more the merrier
  9. vambana
    What GB stands for,on the second frase? Great Britain? Or has another connotation? Just curious.
  10. vambana
    Wow,15?Really?Well you are a woman to deeply respect.No doubt,that you are a truly keeper.Congratulation

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