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  1. mwm88
    @Jimboh She's a proam hotwife who used to have a blog, called "bbcaddictedwife" on tumblr I believe, but it was deactivated in 2016. :(
  2. Bear77ar
    @SHARINGISCARIN Thank you! I hope some of the bulls here like them enough to play with them LoL
  3. BlkTyler
    Babe you already know whats up with me ;)
  4. addicted
    she really wants to try a big black cock. Always talking about and truly desrves it. Looking for one or friends that can make her dream come true. For real!!
  5. The Ultimate Bull
    @funsexycpl absolutely!
  6. funsexycpl
    Love how assertive you are as a BULL. Clearly we can see that she is your property and you use her for your pleasure
  7. Berlin Storyteller
    Good girl
  8. Juliaa
    @Berlin Storyteller :happy:
  9. Texaslove
    @erin4bcc now she knows how to ride.......
  10. Berlin Storyteller
    She loves to swallow

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