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  1. latino
    every black dick that has been inside my wife have no complaints they love her ass and she is pretty in Jamaica she has fans that want some of her
  2. jayinhouston
    Phat cat indeed
  3. latino
    @daddy-cool35 it has to be private we are very knowen in our town cant efford a leak we travel al states and latin islands and we always email and share info with our bull before getting to our...
  4. SocalBrotha
    You could suck a man dry!
  5. latino
    nice I can share my wife with you
  6. daddy-cool35
    @latino show me yor wife
  7. latino
    maybe some day you can cream mine
  8. latino
    I just love to watch my wife cum on those inhuman cocks
  9. latino
    as part of a healthy relationship you have to let your women know we are there to share there pleasure
  10. daddy-cool35
    thanks :sex::qos::qos:

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