john larson

This Wife gets ChairFucked , by her Bull

john larson, Feb 29, 2016
    • design82
      ......the chair looks a little flimsy to support such strenuous action........but could really 'feel' that cockhead doing it's job every time she thrust (herself down on it.......
      ........and he impressed me at the end - able to fuck to a climax whilst almost crouching (my knees would have given way!!).
      Hot vid.
    • Art Black
      This is hot...
    • Art Black
      One more thought: I don't know about anyone else but I find this video very hot. One main reason I do is that this represents what moms and wives all across the USA are doing when their children are at school and their husbands are out working. Bet on it.
    • Art Black
      Too bad he pulled out and ejaculated on her ass. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is no guarantee a woman will not get pregnant. Besides, it is a black ma's DUTY to impregnate a white woman if ever is in a situation (like intercourse) to do so.
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