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john larson

This Wife gets ChairFucked , by her Bull

......the chair looks a little flimsy to support such strenuous action........but could really 'feel' that cockhead doing it's job every time she thrust (herself down on it.......
........and he impressed me at the end - able to fuck to a climax whilst almost crouching (my knees would have given way!!).
Hot vid.
One more thought: I don't know about anyone else but I find this video very hot. One main reason I do is that this represents what moms and wives all across the USA are doing when their children are at school and their husbands are out working. Bet on it.
Too bad he pulled out and ejaculated on her ass. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is no guarantee a woman will not get pregnant. Besides, it is a black ma's DUTY to impregnate a white woman if ever is in a situation (like intercourse) to do so.

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