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This is Exactly what she wants for her B-Day!

Love the cake photo..that's a cake similar to the one Miley Cyrus got last year.. But yes, I had a great day and although I didn't get a cake like that, I did get plenty of the REAL Black Cock that was much preferred..lol
@Janice K - whats up there my dear. Glad you got the stuffing you wanted for your B-day. I never knew about the Miley B-day cake until you just told me and I looked it up. Hillarious - although why does she have her white-boi friend's name on it and its a BBC? :blackgrimace:

I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the Bitch!~ Ha"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""- Liar! Is that what that said? Ha__________________________. Oh I have tears streaming down my face!!!! You Mr Bull and Ms Janis give me so much joy-and my beautiful lickers. Thank you all so much My True Morning Stars!!!!!! Every last one of you. And now-you see-in this family-we give gifts -on our Birthdays-like THE KING does. Now you know who my husband truly is. No not Elvis. We will not be together as we want-until the last baby was in-that was per our agreement-long ago. Anyway-Happy Birthday. And thank you so for the Greatest Birthday ever told. So today think reeeeeeeaaaaaaal hard each and every last one of you-of one thing-you dearly want AND/OR need. A dream fullfilled? A Desire not reached? A miracle-not seen? Childhood or - well- you will "come up" with something~ Yes it can be given to another-maybe somebody you know that is in need. Honestly- I wanted each of you just to think of yourselves today. Is that ok? Tell no one!!! When it is revealed-trust me. Especially knowing you kids? You'll tell every body. Hope Denzel got his "Piece" last night as well. I love you all!!! Tell Papa (The old black guy-who was given this dream long ago)-I love him and tell him thanks and hello. I am sure he got it already. Thank you and Good Night.
@Janice K Hi dear. That's the most beautiful cake I ever saw. And you-the most beautiful daughter I ever bore. Thanks sweetheart-for looking after Mama
@jeanne Mother jugs-@LondonSub I love you. Bobo-thank you-I love you We cannot nor forget those who truly sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you Especially-Major Seal. Sixth Army-Adhease. Now go-find your piece~ You -everyone-are perfect

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