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Susie screamming of pleasure

Axel makes Susie scream of pleasure
@Bellaazz When Susie and me were just friends and she told me her sexual experiences with Axel, I had not fucked her then but I already knew that he was better than me in the bed.
@Bellaazz I had told it in hundreds of posts. During their first holidays together (before Susie and me met) they went to Rio (Brazil) for two weeks. Some day they were having sex under the shower. Susie and Axel were close to reach their orgasms, but he couldn't resist any second more and he cummed. His cock relaxed. Susie turned angry with him due he was not able to make her cum first. But he wished to go for food, so he put his clothes on. Susie stayed naked. She knelt borfe him and taking his cock out from his pants, she gave him a brutal blowjob until his cock turned hard again. Susie told me that they were not able to reach the bed, despite that was near them. They fucked in standing doggy (that was how they had fucked under the shower) facing the clothier's door.
In no more than two minutes he made her cum scremming of pleasure, then he allowed himself to reach his own orgasm.
If you take in count this short experience, you'll be able to understand that his virility was amazing.
After his first orgasm he was relaxed and satisfied. He didn't need fuck again, but he agreed to do it because she wished to get an orgasm.
Susie sucked his beautiful black cock because she knew that he would be able to get a new erection. No more than three or four minutes had passed since his first orgasm and he was with his cock hard again!

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My wife and her ex black boyfriend
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