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Sucking together

I had always felt a mix of envy and admiration for Axel, my wife's ex black boyfriend. His cock was not bigger than mine but his stamina and virility were superior.
During our first date with him, my wife and me sucked his cock together. By the second date we even sucked his balls too
@Porkypig That is the best way to do not claim for jealousy later. In that way the repentace is not possible. I knew assisting my wife was an excellent way to not feel envy, jealousy or repetance later. Moreover, despite Axel is not gay, watching me completely surrendered before his masculinity, it made Axel feel comfortable and so excited. His cock turned hard immediatley and he didn't torture his mind thinking in repressive concepts about his sexuallity, because he knew that some seconds later he would be putting his beautiful black cock into my wife pussy for relief.
@Porkypig Yes, we did it during our first and secon date. The rest of our dates my wife sucked his dick by her own.
During our second date we even sucked and bit his vallas too and he reacted with an incredible erection.

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My wife and her ex black boyfriend
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