calixto, Sep 9, 2015
    • ruined orgasm
      very nice..
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    • footfetish
      Really love this video! Especially because it's in public and everybody can caught the three of you!

      Also love to see her feet again!

      Thansk for the subtitles!
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    • calixto
      @footfetish I added subtitles for all those people who speak english.
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    • footfetish
      @calixto Thanks for that! I really appreciate that!
      Did you get caught during the bus ride?
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    • calixto
      @footfetish No, we have not caught. We had been spendig the day in a river town at 200 km from our city. It was the evening when we took an almost empty bus to come home.
      During the travel, our friend Axel told us that he was so excited. We could see the package from his jean. Then he unzipped and took his cock out showing us his great erection. It turned Susie on immediately.
      I encouraged them to fuck right there and oferred myself to watch if anybody was coming.
    • calixto
      @footfetish Pay attention at the part where our black friend Axel asked Susie to wrap her legs around his waist. He was reaching his orgasm and feeling her legs and feet crossed around his body, made him cum faster.
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