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Right before two more guys entered the room

I love the tits ,but the view is perfect , nylon wrapped legs and a DELICIOUS PUSSY . A place I would like to be for hours .
I got two more kids who pounded me some more after a 3 hr session with the other guy..these were his friends
@RandC Some very LUCKY FRIENDS . I am sure you were thrilled and I am sure they were rock hard to venture into that fine body you have . Fucking you is a privilege ,a classy woman
Hubby asked if I was up for it...I looked at their cute faces filled with lust and anticipation and said get undressed...
NICE . I am sure that was the last word , these guys must still be saying we got into something good .They did .You are one fun and compassionate lady . be sure ther is a lot of anticipation on my face as I look at you and we talk. I am really working out wish it was with you and in you . You have my attention, and anything else you want
I am starting to believe that the rest of my life is to be spent satisfying the sexual needs of any man who thinks I'm sexy...hubby said it was a great way to wind up our lives!
I want to THANK your hubby .I think your stunning , exciting and so desirable .And you satisfying my sexual needs opens up a whole through process of sexual enjoyment that I could have with you in you , on you all pure enjoyment and caring.Thanks to both of you
THANK you for posting and allowing me to enjoy , look and fantasie as well as enjoy you

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Enjoying my guys
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