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Love the sexy outfit
I hope you like my Jimmy Choo story
went to nashville with 3 married asian girlfriends
met my girls old sugar daddy he is rich, white, old, small dick, fat wallet
and I was kinda playin it down low. do not need stories coming back. you know asian women.
so we are looking around the shops and I found a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo high heeled reg price 850.00 on sale for 500$ wow
had a very fancy dinner and the old sugar daddy liked me and another girl
his hands and flirting told me he wanted a lot more than dinner. we danced , joked and flirted and he said he wanted me to come to his hotel room
he told joanna too.
I told him I would have to see and I told him about the Jimmy Choos and he said he would love to fuck me wearing jimmys

so unbeknowst to the other ladies , after we said our goodbyes at dinner and after we split up to go to our rooms
I got all primped and sexy and went to his room, he opens the door and joanna is there smilin we looked at each other and decided we will tag team the old guy and fuck him and get what we want
he had a great time undressing us and with 2 sexy asians dancing nude with him his hands were all over and soon he has me sitting in his face as he eats me while joanna is sucking his cock, he had a hard time even with viagra
then we switched and I sucked his lil cock and then he groaned and grunted and finally came. I was afraid for his health he is 77 we are fortyish
we left with a smile on his face having finger fucked and ate our pussies and he got his dick sucked
she had her expensive handbag and I had my Jimmy Choos to show off to our friends
the guy calls me all the time even invited me to mexico with him
we'll see lol

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