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QoS taking a measurement of my BBC

still a bit soft - but still measures up to a big amount of pleasure she'll always treasure.
@jack7- I know ur not talking to me and calling me buddy. Don't try and throw shade this way. If you are where the fuck is your pic with the measurements? My cock is curved down, not hard and straight as a Rod here (like the pic below) and its still at 9+". Who is lying about what - you can start measurements from the balls to the shaft, or just the shaft (people do it both ways) but the women still love it either which way.

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@superdick33 - I hear ya bro, but these punks get online and say and tweet shit they know they would never say in the street on meet. They wouldn't survive the first contact with the first twisted words that came out their mouth sideways. I don't stand for that shit on or off the net.
@bigblackbull76 I mos def here you same here it's funny me,you and a few other dudes on here have videos and pics posted up online and still so much bullshit...some of these cats need to tighten up we living the lifestyle these mofos talking and wishing bruh...Anyways stay up playboy :)
@superdick33 - U right my neezy. F- the critics, they just talk about it while we live it and I ain't phased by no words really but I'm quick to check and shut down a hater too. Appreciate it fam and fuck em' long keep it strong - salute.
@bigblackbull76 Bruh you have a strong following and majority of the members here believe in you. With success comes haters and jealousy. Success comes from experience, not luck. You are on the top of your game and you don't have to prove anything to anybody. :cool:
@TopCat - true dat/ and when you got problems half the people don't care and the other half happy you got em. Them haters fall into the 2nd category. I see you bro, big-up and respect.

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Allow Me to re-introduce myself - The Real BigBlackBull76
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