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I think it turns on white guys like me who are into the whole cuckold thing even more than the black men. If I noticed your tatts in public I'd probably be too shy to mention it or approach you but I'd secretly be hard in my panties and on the verge of spontaneous ejaculation
@Melanie hi, not had any negative remarks. Guys have either stared at it or smiled knowingly. Ladies either ignore, or ask what it means or smile. I have a bit of positive conversation from couples on holiday who know what it means.
When ive been to health clinic for check ups, and have stripped, including fot STD checks, the doctors/nurses have looked at them but not said anything.
When I first had it done I was self conscious but dont care now! X
@Ann4BBC I think here in Germany nobody would know what it means (sort of sad...). At your place apparently almost everybody knows the meaning. And how do the ladies react when you tell them the meaning?

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