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" My ex's mom " pt.2

I ripped those fishnets off of her while they all were sucking my balls, eating my cockmeat and licking my ass.. I let them ******* 2 loads before filling my ex's mom full of dickmeat and mandingo milk. They were drinking it as it came out her pussyburger. Loved it.
Calm down dude, it was a compliment, you have an entertaining way of telling stories that go with your pictures. I'm straight don't worry and get plenty of female attention, just thought this post was funny that's all, keep on doing your thang bro #noshade
@pushpush78 my bad dude! I'm new here and had a guy recently message me on a comment so I had to set him straight. I'm pretty chill but I'm not transhumanized so it's difficult to differentiate between these digital walls and "normal" reality (our version) so my apologies. And thanks for the comments my dude. I can honestly say your intentions was misinterpreted. Now.. keep it coming and get that PUSSYBURGER BRODI!! Haaa!!:cool:

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