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Ummm yummy! I love to play with a nice hard cock! Yours looks delicious. How big is your cock? And by the way I never spill a drop of my man's cum ;-)
I'm not huge it's a modest 7inch. I get rock hard and I got tons of stamina and endurance and squirt nice big creamy cum loads. That's awesome u swallow that nut of Cum :mstickle:
If that's you in your avatar, you've got nothing to apologize for. Its a beautiful cock! Oooooh I love a big cummer. I am thinking that I am feeling very thirsty right about now. Maybe its time I try a South African varietal -- I kinda like the wines, so maybe I will try another domestic product.

Maybe I should drop my pillow on the floor, but all I'm wearing is the garter belt that holds up these stockings -- I hope you don't mind. ... Now that you can see all of me do you still like? Are my breasts as nice as you hoped? They are large and soft and I know a lovely little trick with them you might like.

Why don't you straddle my legs and stand a lot closer so I can see your cock better. So did looking at me make you hard? Ummmm your cock is so hot and smooth in my hand! I should warn you that if I like what I see I've been known to gobble up tasty cocks ;-)
Yes it is really me in my avatar pic. I'm 28 6ft caramel complexion u can see my face and cock pics on my media page album .Would be awesome if u visited south africa. Yes I like your large size breasts . U got a great body . What city and state do u live in?

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