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I really love the idea of following your 'adventures'. Is it possible that you might like to try enticing the black guys and enhancing the enjoyment of all by writing something like 'Made for Blacks' or perhaps 'Make black baby here' or 'We want black baby' or 'Baby makers/sperm here' in black marker on her thighs to show how joyfully welcoming you and she are as all enjoy the excitingly suggestive erotic notion of the possibility that their huge, nude, penises in possession of and fucking and ejaculating their celebratedly heavy overflowing and potent sperm loads into her pussy and womb may in fact be knocking her up.
Gee, what a tantalizingly suggestive idea that helps trigger a terrific orgasm for her as your own penis standing stiffly erect fires off a salute at that potential possibility that that will be the outcome as you can be pretty sure she and the black guy have reached the same suggestive potential conclusion as his big, nude, Afro manhood as it begins to fire its own salute to your wife's womanhood even as her own orgasm on those other men's black penises beginning to throb, jump and flex in her pussy makes it easily obvious for all the world to see joyfully complete her welcome of black penises enjoying the unique interracial opportunity and advantage to accentuate the positive all the way as their penises squirt and squirt and seemingly just keeps on squirting all those potential baby-makers into your wife's sweetly receptive welcoming pussy. This really is the mostly hidden unmentioned notion behind welcoming the black guys to go in without rubbers. Probably all wish they could be knocked up but reality prevents it.
You might like to try mild hypnosis-you of your wife or she and you using self-hypnosis to enhance this aspect. I do see in one of your photos series you show the one black guy first using a rubber and then without as he came in her pussy apparently the same day. That is very excitingly suggestive. May it have been that you both realized that you wanted him to cum in her pussy. Some guys you show using a rubber and some not. Is that a case where you would rather they not wear a rubber but some days they just had to?

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